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Finally, a site that rural areas in the United States are looking for… a place to learn and buy home WiFi systems and WiFi boosters in the home that gives amplified service to all areas of the house.  Introducing Amplifi’s HD technology and home WiFi systems.

AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home Wi-Fi System

 Home Wifi System

About Home Wifi Systems

Home Wi-Fi System includes a wireless router and mesh points for Wi‑Fi coverage throughout your home. The home WiFi system delivers maximum throughput to meet your streaming and gaming demands with lag-free performance.

The Router features an innovative and simple design with an intuitive touchscreen display. The system provides enhanced coverage to eliminate and lessen dead spots in your house.

Placing WiFi points throughout the House – Provides better Internet Service!


Put these Home wifi systems to the test..

     Amplify HD  Amplifi HD –


By E. Reddekopp on March 22, 2017   Style: High Density System (Includes router + 2 mesh points)|Verified Purchase.  I have been having network woes for a bit now. I have a heavy network load in the house. The house itself is a single story home built in the mid 90’s so I didn’t think I should have the network issues I did…but man did I. My original setup was the most recent generation Apple Time Capsule.

It original did fine, though there was some signal loss once you were on our back deck. I decided to add a newer Airport Express on the back deck to both boost the network and have Airplay music back there. But even with that it seemed the network was poor around the house. I’d normally get between 40 & 50 Mbps if I was in the room the Time Capsule was in, but the speed elsewhere was not great…20’s in some parts, 10-15 on our decks and it seemed erratic at times.


  eero Wifi system   eero Wifi system – 


on July 19, 2017 .  This is long updated review on 6 different wifi systems and why we picked and are still using Eero. We were very happy with the 1st Gen Eero system and just upgraded to 2nd Gen with 2 beacons and wanted to share our experience to end wifi issues/dead spots in our home.
This is our overall experience and perhaps it will help you with your decision.


Google Wifi System   Google Wifi System – 


on March 5, 2017.  Bought a new home and setup internet service. Didn’t have a router so was looking to purchase one. Google WiFi works great. I have 100 Mbps service from my ISP. On WiFi using the 5 Ghz band, which Google WiFi chooses automatically (it chooses between 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz band, whichever signal is better, providing you have BOTH bands available), I get full speed (speedtest.net shows 110 Mbps down, 6 mbps up) as if I was on a wired connection.
I was surprised, because I thought I would get around 60-70 Mbps, not the full speed offered. I thought I would have to get a crazy expensive gaming router with 20 antennas that looks like Sauron’s helmet from Lord of the Rings to get those speeds, but Google WiFi does that for $170 less and it has cool sci-fi-ish looks.
Tips and advice:
1. To get full WiFi speed, make sure your device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) has both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands. If you don’t you’ll be stuck at around 30 Mbps to 70 Mbps.
2. A SINGLE Google WiFi covers 1500 ft. Make sure you’re within that range, or get more to create a mesh network so you fall within WiFi range. My home was 1300 ft. so I only needed one.
3. The Google WiFi router only has two ethernet ports, one of which is used to connect to the modem. If you need more wired ports, buy an ethernet switch and connect the router to the switch.
4. When WiFi first connects, it will likely connect you to the 2.4 Ghz band. Don’t freak out. If you have a 5 Ghz band and the signal is good, it will connect you within 24 hours. It connected me to 2.4 Ghz band the first time I connected for a long while, but the next day when I started my PC again, it was now using the 5 Ghz band.


Home WiFi Systems – How it Works

Home WiFi Systems: How it WorksThe  home WiFi system is pretty easy to understand.  The internet comes into your home through a service provider.  They usually provide you a modem, so their system can run seamlessly.

The WiFi router or the WiFi system then hooks to your service provider’s modem.  The WiFi system then broadcasts the signal wireless throughout your home.  The amplifiers or WiFi points hook together broadcasting the signal to points within your home.

The more points the better WiFi you will have.


Home WiFi System – Tips For Use

  1. Buy 20 MB or more service from Internet Provider
  2. Buy 2-3 WiFi points to allow full access into home
  3. Test WiFi points for maximum amplification
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