EERO Wi-Fi System, Break Through Barriers, Get Seamless Connectivity In Any Home Layout

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EERO Wi-Fi System, Break Through Barriers, Get Seamless Connectivity In Any Home Layout

EERO uses the patented True Mesh dynamic routing algorithm software to work perfectly with the EERO hardware to ensure a perfect seamless connection in any home layout.

eero Systems

eero wirelessAs wireless mesh networks become more popular and continues to grow, multiple hops in large homes makes it possible for large scale deployments. The multi-hop benefits are of course, inherent with your internet plan, number of users, and bandwidth limitations. Let us not forget this one main factor that may affect network latency and performance degradation.

With the EERO TrueMesh Wi-Fi hops, the whole mesh system uses a low latency network of several dedicated wireless bandwidth links to ingress and egress backhaul traffic that makes it possible to utilize the highest possible throughput automatically.

For the simplicity of our discussion, EERO allows more hops so you do not incur speed degradation as much as possible. The strategic location of several hops shall cover all of the places in your home, including the dead spots. This makes it easier for the Wi-Fi connection to travel down hallways and navigate around the walls or any obstacle in your home.

The system can easily automatically mesh over a single Ethernet and gives you the best coverage in the fastest speed multi-hops configuration leverage. Deploying a wireless mesh offers better benefits over other types of wireless deployments offered in the market.

Why choose a wireless mesh?

It seems that the only feasible way to maintain your seamless faster internet speed lifestyle is to set up a network infrastructure as effective and economical as the wireless mesh system. Because of the network topology, the lack of wiring infrastructure, including the high cost of wiring your indoor and outdoor locations, the EERO TrueMesh multi Wi-Fi hops can work best for you.

Using several hops in the EERO wireless mesh, each node in the network establishes the optimal path to its closes neighbor, which means the other hop. The whole mesh network self-tunes automatically to bring you performance at peak levels that still maintains the speed and quality you expect to obtain in a single Ethernet, single user connection.

How does the EERO company maintain connection quality?

eero Systems

eero wifi systemsThe software has been designed to update once a month to keep your system performing at its optimal level, even a few months

after you buy it. Regular software updates may include bug fixes (if you have it), performance improvements, and to anything that would keep your whole mesh system at the cutting edge high quality performance levels.

As the wireless environment changes, such as additional nodes or hops, link congestions, and noise, your data paths will be re-evaluated automatically. No need to call support. You got it already on your system.

In case of lost data path, the network self-heals and re-routes the traffic so you stay connected. The dynamic self-tuning and the self-healing processes occur in the background real time without the need for human intervention to keep your hops well connected and data paths remained to be optimized.

Based on the latency, throughput, noise, and all the other factors that may cause interference or lost of data paths, the mesh architecture capability ensures a sound wireless network connectivity that can easily forward packets, radiate through impeding objects, and switch traffic around large physical objects, such as buildings, walls, and trees.

Network control and security

eero wifiThis is a very secured setup, where you receive a single use code via text message for access. The whole mesh system uses a

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and WPA2 encryption to maintain network safety and security between hops and devices, including cloud. Its best encryption protocol keeps your data secure.

Easy setup

Plug and play – takes away the dread of understanding how to make anything work. Designed for effortless setup, be connected in less than 10 minutes after you get it out of the box. Plug directly to your modem, and whoah, you got it – a Wi-Fi to every inch of your home.

EERO is the new breed of structured wireless mesh system intended for large scale network deployments to provide you dedicated wireless links for any day, any time peak performance of your Ethernet.

eero Systems

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