Google Wi-Fi System Expands Your Device Connectivity Further 

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Google Wi-Fi System Expands Your Device Connectivity Further


Google Wifi Home Systems
 Google Wi-Fi SystemThe Google WiFi system uses the mesh technology to help you stay seamlessly connected with only a single Wi-Fi network. This new breed of wireless router distributes internet connection into all the corners and rooms in your house. It connects with one another and rebroadcast over a wider space to give you a seamless network in faster speed, just the way you want it.  

 Don’t worry, if one is not enough, you can add as many as you like anywhere in your home. You still attain a higher overall throughput, because this wire mesh system consists of a highly scalable wireless network that supports real time voice, video, and data applications. 

Google claims one hot spot is enough to cover small homes and apartments. Two can cover a larger space. Three is enough to cover even the largest American homes. Everything from mobile phones to laptops will connect at the highest possible speed.  

 Let us see. A single Wi-Fi point covers up to 1,500 sq ft. A set of three covers up to 4,500 sq ft. Although this comes at a cost, it certainly has a major price advantage over its rivals. It runs in a dual band wireless system and helps the price down.  

 Fast Wi-Fi? I am sure even your beloved pet dog would raise its hand. Whether you are on a video call, watching streaming video, or gaming, you would not want a lag performance, do you? The Google mesh network has the capability to stay consistent in its performance as you move throughout your house.  

 Google WiFi is able to eliminate spotty connections, especially dead zones using the new breed mesh network. It also gives you the Daddy or Mommy power to control your kid’s internet use. With its companion app, you can pause the wireless connection of any devices on your network. Kid’s study time? No more shouting needed, just cut off the internet access. 

 Setting up Google WiFi 

Google Wifi Home Systems

google booster wifi systemGoogle WiFi is very easy to set up. Just plug it into the power and connect to your modem using the Ethernet cable. This is your primary Google WiFi hub.  

 Next is to download the Google WiFi app on your phone through the iOS or Android Google Play. Follow the instructions to set up your wireless network. Add the WiFi hubs. Hubs can be about two rooms away. Perform a quick test if that is within range from the primary. Only the first hub should be within range of the primary. The rest can seamlessly roam from one hub to the next.  

 Congratulations, you just created your mesh network. A mesh network is a group of routers that communicate to each other and create a single Wi-Fi network that powerfully provides a blanket of connectivity. It allows multiple sources of Wi-Fi connection throughout your home and gives you the kind of connection that works just like when you are nearest to the router. You get a better coverage over a wider space. 

 Do you need to use Ethernet cables with these hubs? The answer is no. The Wi-Fi hubs or points connect wirelessly to each other. Your data can take several paths toward its destination.  

 You may be happy to know that each WiFi point acts as a router. This means optimal device connection in maximum performance levels. Network Assist has been designed to put your device connected with the best point possible to continue giving you the fastest connection. If you want a solution that can handle more traffic, you can’t go wrong with the Google WiFi.  

 A wireless mesh network is designed to handle large volumes of traffic with no downtime. Using the Network Assist built-in congestion sensing technology, the Google WiFi knows when it is on a slow channel. It automatically switches you into a faster one.  

 This is getting interesting. Let us talk more about its Network Assist. 

 The Network Assist of the Google WiFi performs a scan of the whole network every five minutes. For most networks, unplugging seems to be the fix when it gets congested and speeds to a crawl. With the Google WiFi, the Network Assist is designed to use a predictive model that can also determine the best less congested channel that can give you faster speeds.  

 google no dead spot wifiThe Network Assist monitors the connection in each point and make sure you always get a good signal. With Google WiFi connecting to the best band, you are assured to enjoy the best connectivity possible. That is why it is called as the mesh router system. Whichever one is connected to your broadband is called as the router, the rest of the devices are what they refer to as points.  

 The point is… 

 Google WiFi may not be the fastest mesh system, but it is what it was meant to be. It was designed to provide a house wide coverage at a speed that would be fast enough for most users at a perfectly affordable price.

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