Our Story

Our Story – How We got into the business of teaching and selling Home Wifi Systems.

Our story began, much like others who’s WiFi was not doing what we were promised it to do.  Does that sound familiar?  We were paying for 50 mb of download data, but couldn’t run Netflix in 80% of the home.   So……….. we looked for alternatives.

Looking for better Home WiFi

We looked for other options.  Fiber was not an option, so we had to see what was the best for us.  We eventually after months and months of dealing with bad internet options.  We looked within the system we had.

This is where we found Home Wifi Systems or Wifi boosters.

Home Wifi Systems

What Did they Do for us?

Well, remember back when I said that we couldn’t run even Netflix in 80% of the home?  Well, now we receive it in 100% of the home and are able to run it at 6 or 7 times at the same time.

We bought a Home WiFi Systems.  

Now we are happy as we can be.  My 5 children are as happy as they can be and now…. I want to share with you.
AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home Wi-Fi System

best Home WiFi Systems

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